What if someone don't have any interest his/her country, so don't want to find their country's people in other countries, don't care if their country win like some sport or something else? There's no proud, no shame, but even they don't think that it is their country. They don't miss their country's thing, but don't have any anger. Just indifference, like just one of other countries. Even if you don't, someone else in the world could be.

But most of people are not such person. But some can feel that somewhere else than their birthland is their own country.



We need just respect. We do not want to see us as (country-as-law) people but as homeland people. We don't like prejudgement, especially with just what someone looks like. We DO NOT have any goal with advantages getting residence permit or citizenship.


Remember that MOST OF PEOPLE ARE NOT (1), even if you don't like(or hate) (country-as-law). IT DOES NOT MEAN HOW YOU ARE SATISFIED TO YOUR COUNTRIES, NEITHER FANTASY OF SOME OTHER COUNTRIES. (Just think of it, many people could choose countries with good wellfare. That's not identity, please, it is in your heart, not there.)


Ok, if you still feel that is not your identity, how could you proove it? It is still believed that the culture's border exists. If you want to tell about something about (country-law)'s culture and lifestyle(no matter good or bad way), or even you could answer the question 'where are you from' without problem (and the problem is NOT about racism), your (country-law) and homeland are same. We are not willing to get all advantages that related to (country-law), and as we can, we are not going to recieve it. (But it is not challange against the law.) We recommand to go abroad to check it.


Usually it could be start with your way of thinking. If you think that the way is like somewhere else, rather than (country-law), you can consider to choose it to homeland. But it is only a part, not a identity. You have to be interested and ready to support the homeland. So it is patrolic thing. But first of all, you need to know and feel about the country before judge itself. To avoid thinking about fantasy, it requires knowledge about dark sides - the country's problem nowdays.

But hey, home country is not necessary to every (1)!


It requires to study one or more homeland's language, but not so much. You muust try and study, and even harder, if you have any problem to communicate to others.